About Me

Matt Carroll St. Louis Cardinals has been working as a Wealth Advisor with J.P. Morgan Wealth Management in Philadelphia since the end of 2018. He credits his years of expertise in the fast-paced world of sports administration for his success as a financial counselor. Carroll was a manager in Major League Baseball for 12 years total, 7 of which were spent with the Atlanta Braves and 5 with the St. Louis Cardinals. He was in charge of everything from signing players to constructing rosters to scouting to maintaining client relationships.

Carroll's career in professional athletics is a testament to his ability to forge meaningful relationships with others and nurture them over time. He also became adept at managing projects and projects within larger businesses and making sound financial decisions. In his work with a wide range of investors, Carroll stands out for his keen eye for detail and polished presentation skills. He works closely with each client to learn about their unique needs and aspirations before suggesting strategies for achieving them.

Functions Currently Performed

Matthew Carroll assists the ultra-wealthy with financial planning and investment advice. Carroll uses his insight into the lives of professional athletes and their families to guide his clientele through the entire process of amassing riches, beginning with the recruitment period. He looks after his clients off the field by providing them with individualized concierge assistance. As part of his offerings, he facilitates connections between his customers and agencies, coaches, and training facilities. He keeps an eye on their long- and short-term holdings to ensure his clients stick to their customized financial strategy.

Carroll's experience with professional athletes may be unique among financial advisors, but he has found that his relationships with high-level professionals in other fields have been quite beneficial. He is sensitive to the urgency felt by athletes whose careers may be cut short due to injury. When the stock market and company boards are susceptible to sudden shifts, even the most successful executives may feel a comparable sense of urgency to maximize their earnings. Matthew Carroll can assist his customers in achieving a wide range of important financial objectives, including balancing their asset and liability portfolios, saving for retirement, and passing their money on to future generations.

Matt Carroll St. Louis Cardinals, works hard to take care of his present clients while seeking new ones who could benefit from his expertise. He acquires new customers through various means of prospecting and referral. Carroll can show potential clients that he will take good care of their financial futures because to his individualized presentations and high standards of performance. He holds the faith his clients place in him when they recommend him to their friends and colleagues in the greatest regard.


In 2005, Matthew Carroll received a BA in Communications from Penn State and minored in business. He is now a Wealth Advisor, a position that requires him to further his education. Carroll's commitment to his clients is evidenced by the fact that he holds numerous prestigious credentials, including the FINRA SIE/Series 6 license, the FINRA Series 7 license, and the NASAA Series 66 license.


There are several notable achievements on Matthew Carroll's resume that date back to his time as a college student. He received a baseball scholarship to play at the University of Maryland, College Park. He then switched to Penn State, where he competed at the Division I level for four years. He earned four years' worth of varsity letters and was named team captain his senior year. Many academic awards and scholarships were bestowed upon Carroll as well. Caroll attended the Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau Scout School after graduating in 2006 and ended up as the school's best student.

Two of Matt Carroll St. Louis Cardinals major league baseball achievements are sources of great pride for him. When the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series, he was a member of the team's administration staff. Carroll left St. Louis in 2010 to become the Special Assistant to General Manager for the Atlanta Braves. As of that time, Matthew Carroll of the Atlanta Braves was the youngest player ever to hold that title in Major League Baseball.

Contributions to Charity

Matthew Carroll is pleased with his record of charitable giving. He is generous with his time, skills, and money for many different causes. His passions lie in the Tony LaRussa Animal Rescue Foundation and the yearly Phillies Festival, which benefits ALS research. Carroll also participated in planning a 5-kilometer race to raise funds for an ovarian cancer study.

Passions and Hobbies

Carroll is committed to his customers but takes time for himself. Matthew Carroll enjoys nothing more than unwinding at home in Flourtown, Pennsylvania, with his wife Ali and son Colin when he is not working. When he gets the chance, he goes fishing or snow skiing. The beach is a popular destination for vacationers. Carroll enjoys keeping himself occupied at work and in his personal life.


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